Ukraine resorts to provocations at the contact line with a view to provoke the Donbass Republics into opening retaliatory fire and accuse them of escalating the conflict, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin stated during the Open Air show on the Zvezda TV channel.

Armed provocations by Ukrainian militants appear to be part of a special operation coordinated by the top [officials – Ed.], the Head of State assures.

“There are political preconditions, there is an understanding of the reasons why this is happening now. This is related to the situation with the Nord Stream-2 and the geopolitical situation, including the energy security of a number of European countries. To some extent, it is connected with the current situation in the Black Sea, the reasons why NATO ships are being deployed there right now,” Denis Pushilin said.

He also mentioned the situation aggravation on the Belarus-Poland border, which, in his opinion, is also one of the links of this chain.

“I view all these things as a coherent link in general. Considering the fact that this is not my first year in politics, there are no accidents at all,” the Head of State said. According to him, Donbass is one of the stress points in a geopolitical conflict of the superpowers, very grave and easily fuelled, especially given that Ukraine has long lost its sovereignty.

“The U.S. is in need of a smoldering, intermittently fueled conflict near Russia’s borders,” the Head of the Republic argued.

In the course of the live broadcast, there were also raised the topics of the Donbass economic development in the context of the decree on humanitarian assistance to the Republics’ population signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the accession of the DPR residents to the Russian citizenship and participation in Russian political life. The Head of State spoke about the interaction between the DPR and the LPR, as well as reconstruction and development programmes. Most of the questions put by presenter Nikolay Matveyev were related to the situation on the contact line and the escalation in Donbass.

According to the DPR Head Official Website