On November 27, a number of events in support of Donbass were held in Italy. Thus, under the auspices of the DPR Representative Center in Verona, an online conference “Ukraine-Donbass. Eastern Partnership and Aggravation of the Crisis” was held, the press office of the DPR MFA reports.

The event was attended by Chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Verona Palmarino Zoccatelli, co-chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Turin Eliseo Bertolasi, representative of the Chamber of Deputies Vito Comencini, representative of the Republic of South Ossetia in Italy Mauro Murgia, President of the Help Us Save Children Organization Ennio Bordato, President Cultural Association “Europa-Veneto” Edoardo Rubini, “Controinformazione” journalist Luciano Lago, freelance reporter Luca Pingitore.

The participants discussed the Ukrainian aggression in Donbass, focusing on the illegal actions of Kiev against the citizens of the Republic. Experts called on Ukraine not to escalate the conflict on the contact line. For their part, the representatives of Italy expressed readiness to provide the necessary support to achieve peace in the Republic.

Also on November 27, a panel discussion in the online format «Ukraine: Potential Geopolitical Roles» was held in Rome. The reports were presented by the co-chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Turin Eliseo Bertolasi, Deputy Director of the Eurasia magazine Stefano Vernole, Secretary General of the Eurasia magazine Professor Marco Ricceri, Professor Marco Mayer, Professor of International Relations Maurizio Melani, Analyst of International Relations Luigi Marino, Dr. Marco Carnelos , journalist Sandro Teti, President of COPASIR Adolfo D’Urso, Director of ASRIE Analytica Giuliano Bifolci, Leonardo Dini, Guido de Simone, Giorgio Bartolomucci.

During discussions, participants made a special emphasis on the mandatory implementation of the Minsk agreements in a bilateral manner. Attendees called on the world community to objectively assess reality and inadmissibility of indulging in the armed actions of Ukraine.

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sincerely grateful to the like-minded in Italy, who, despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, continue to carry out activities in support of the Republic.

According to the Official Website of the DPR Foreign Ministry